Papaya Leaf Extract

BBETTER VEDA Papaya Leaf Extract for boosting platelet count is a natural, potent formula for increasing platelet counts. This product can help in the treatment of bleeding disorders and also acts as an effective, safe alternative to other platelet-inducing agents.
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How does this help?

Helps boost platelet & RBC count

Helps stabilise membrane & protects blood cells against stress-induced destruction

Helps fight viral infections like dengue

Helps widen blood vessels & prevents blood from clotting within them

Helps boost immunity by exhibiting cytotoxic effects

Helps by exhibiting antibiotic properties

Why does this work?

If your platelet count is low, you may be at risk of bleeding. You can boost your platelet count naturally with help from BBETTER Veda Papaya Leaf Extract. This potent formula has a unique combination of ingredients including Papaya Leaf Extract, Tinospora Cardifolia Extract and Vitamin E powder that will increase the body's natural production of Platelets. The product also contains Iron to enhance your body's blood carrying ability. To keep your platelet count in check, BBETTER Veda Papaya extract is a safe alternative treatment.

What's Inside?

The active ingredient in this tablet is Carotenoid Lutein which helps to increase the body's natural production of platelets. This increases the Platelet count in your blood. Its other ingredients are vitamin E powder, Iron and Tinospora cardifolia extract. All these ingredients are used traditionally to boost platelet counts naturally.

How to use?

Take 1 tablet daily with a glass of water after meals

See visible boost in platelet count in 30 days


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