Purified Shilajit

100% pure Shilajit from The Himalayas. Helps improve testosterone levels and a virility aid that helps improve endurance and stamina for athletes. Helps reduce stress and helps relieve fatigue. It is a natural remedies that help strengthen the immune system of the body and helps boost its performance. Helps improve endurance and stamina for workouts.
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How does this help?

Helps improve male performance

Helps reduce Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Helps improve testosterone

Helps build immunity

Helps improve spermatogenic activity

Helps improve stamina & energy

Why does this work?

This Shilajit is extracted from The Himalayas and purified to remove heavy metals. Shilajit, an Ayurvedic Medicine, used for 2000 years to increase energy, stamina, endurance, strength & virility, libido, vitality & general well-being. It is rich in minerals, humic acid, terpenoids, fulvic acids, dibenzylbutyroyl-aminopropionic acid (DBA), triterpeniods, sterols, Phenols & other vital elements.

What's Inside?

100% Purified Shilajit loaded with 84 minerals & Fulvic acid to help boost men performance

How to use?

Take 1 Shilajit capsule twice a day after meals

Continue this once a day for 60 days for better results


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