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Collagen Marino (Pure hydrolyzed)

BBETTER MARINE COLLAGEN is a pure marine collagen that comes from the firmer parts of fish. It has been proven to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and create more supple, youthful looking skin in just 2-3 months. It also promotes hair growth, increases nail strength and reduces joint pain.

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How does this help?

Helps combat cellulite and helps your skin glow

Helps form new skin over inflamed areas & fights acne

Helps restore damage from the sun & provides elasticity to your skin

Helps improve keratin production & promotes hair regrowth

Helps fight free radicals & strengthens hair follicles

Helps improve your joint health by maintaining tendons & muscles

Why does this work?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body, making up 25% of our total protein. It maintains muscle elasticity, protects joints, and boosts skin's natural elasticity - all while keeping your hair strong and shiny. BBETTER Marine Collagen provides you with all this and more, daily!

What's Inside?

BBETTER collagen marino contains marine collagen that is 1.5times more bio-available than the normal collagen. This collagen is not from cow but is derived from fish. Dr. Song and his team of researchers found that marine collagen can efficiently improve the health of your skin, hair and joints. It contains protein that helps to produce collagen, which is the main protein in your body. Collagen produces elastin, which gives elasticity to your skin, and enhances your muscle's ability to contract.

How to use?

Mix marine collagen in a glass of water & drink it in the morning

Get glowing skin & strong hair in 60 days

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