Habits Stacking to elevate your lifestyle.

Habits Stacking to elevate your lifestyle.

What is that one habit you are proud of and another that you are guilty about? We have been lectured about habits, good or bad, ever since our childhood. Right now, all most people are busy doing is thinking about their ultimate goal, five or ten years down the line and probably getting anxious about not getting there already. What needs to be understood is that the step after deciding your ultimate goal is to chunk down the goal into little bits of acts that you take up the responsibility of doing every single day, in a recurring manner until you get there. These habits might seem small, but how you do some things is how you do most things. If you wish to change the big picture, all you have to do is make smaller changes in your daily life. What you do every day, how you spend your time and energy matters a lot more than you think. These small acts stack up over time and make you the person of your choosing. Today, you are a result of your habits stacked over the years, good or bad. Tomorrow you can choose to be the kind of a person you wish to be by stacking specific habits over time.
The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof method basics.

The method that Wim Hoff practically developed, researched, and offered over the years comes down to the three basics:

  1. Cold Exposure-  Generally, when exposed to cold we hide into our warmers, heaters, and spoon feed our bodies with all kinds of comfort. There is nothing wrong about that, just that Wim has a completely different approach, where he runs towards the cold without any barriers. He believes the cold holds powers and is not our enemy. Wim immerses himself and the people who go to train with him in the Ice Cold natural waters or into baths with ice in it. Reading this for the first time might be giving you chills and it might seem nearly impossible for you to do it. Of course, Wim understands that and teaches to gradually begin with cold showers and build upon them. You can start with as little as 15-30 seconds of cold showers that too at the end of your normal hot showers. This can be increased to around 2 minutes with little progression every day. The cold triggers your vascular systems, shocks your body, allows you to naturally produce heat inside your body without the de-stimulating layer of clothes. Having a cold shower every day you experience better blood flow throughout the day which gives you a lot more energy. By exposing your body to the cold you are awakening yourself to the physiological power and neural activity of your own body.

2. Breath- Ever thought something as basic as breath, that we don’t even do consciously most of the time, could hold the potential to change your biochemistry from acidic to alkaline? The breathing exercises in the Wim Hof Method have proven to clean up the biochemical residue in the lymphatic system that is the deepest of all bodily systems. Inflammation in our cells is caused by the biochemical residue left behind from all the stressful activities we do in our work and emotional life. Wim believes that by changing our biochemistry from acidic to alkaline and cleansing ourselves of the biochemical residue, we can eliminate the primary causes of diseases.Here is a link to Wim’s guided breathing session for merely 10 minutes that is suggested to do before breakfast as when your stomach is full, all the metabolic activity and all the oxygen are directed to the stomach and block the way. Also, it is suggested to watch this safety instructional video first before you begin with the Wim Hof breathing method for the first time. What you would be doing through this method is influencing your pineal gland, the epiphysis cerebri, which in ancient literature was known as the third eye or the seat of the soul. As the body’s electricity activates the hormones in the pineal gland, images and experiences locked deep within your subconscious mind enter your consciousness. Doing this exercise is like a natural high, where the anxiety and trauma fall away from your consciousness as you free yourself from it by consciously manipulating the biochemistry and electricity in your brain. That’s how powerful your breath is.

3. Mind- Setting a strong intention in your mind for withstanding the cold plays a major role. We already know the wonders of the power of our minds. The Wim Hof method is no exception to it. With the power of the mind, what Wim refers to is commitment. Becoming the Ice-Man didn’t happen overnight or waking up one fine morning and deciding he was superhuman. Wim himself practiced his method for over 20 years and made it a non-negotiable part of his day no matter what highs or lows he faced, and he did have a lot of lows alright. So you can’t expect to start experiencing miraculous results of the method by practicing it for merely 10 days or just every other day. If Wim did it for 20 years before introducing it to the world and still continues to (in fact now more than ever, probably most of the day) how much are you ready to commit? You need to start now, to train not only your body but also your mind to progressively build on this skill set and reap the benefits for life. 

Papaya Leaf Extract to boost the Platelet Count & a lot more.

Papaya Leaf Extract to boost the Platelet Count & a lot more.

The Healing Quality of Papaya Leaf Extract

A plant so popular and  rich in multiple components, certainly has to have benefits right?

Well, the papaya leaf extract specifically is considered to be very healing, with benefits like:

  • Papaya Leaf extract can help improve the blood platelet levels in people with dengue fever.
  • Promotes balanced blood sugar, traditionally used to treat diabetes as well.
  • The fiber and a unique compound called papain, in the papaya leaf, might help alleviate uncomfortable digestive troubles, such as gas, heartburn and bloating.
  • The papaya leaf extract is frequently used as a remedy for some internal and external inflammatory conditions, such as skin rashes, muscles pain, joint pain.
  • Tropically, the papaya leaf extract is often used to encourage hair growth and aid scalp health, due to its anti-fungal qualities. 
  • An enzyme called papain in the papaya leaf, acts as an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin cells, acne, etc.
  • The studies on the papaya leaf holding the ability to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, are still going on. But hey! Here’s looking up right?