All You Need To Know About Testosterone

All You Need To Know About Testosterone

Balanced testosterone levels are vital for a healthy well-being and life. Do you know that besides being a major part of any fertility evaluation, it has a significant role to play with respect to muscle mass and bones, memory and thinking ability, quality of life and mood, the development of deep voices, and facial and pubic hair? Let’s delve deeper.

 More About Testosterone

Testosterone is an important hormone produced in the bodies of both men and women. It is produced in the testicles of men and in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women. This hormone is vital for the development of masculine characteristics and male growth. Testosterone is produced in a lesser amount in women. The amount of testosterone produced increases 30 times during adolescence and in early adulthood. It is normal for testosterone levels to decrease slightly every year after early adulthood. After 30 years, your body could experience a 1% decline.

Testosterone has a significant role to play with respect to muscle mass and bones, memory and thinking ability, quality of life and mood, sex drive, the development of deep voices, and facial and pubic hair.

If you have concerns about low testosterone, consult your doctor. Low testosterone is a natural part of aging. However, symptoms like decreased muscle mass or increased body fat or erectile dysfunction could be signs of something more severe.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with low testosterone levels or hypogonadism, or if you want your levels to increase for other reasons, it may be worth considering boosting your testosterone levels. Boosting testosterone levels will not provide any additional benefits if your levels are currently normal. These increased benefits have been only found in those with low testosterone levels.

Considering boosting your testosterone levels? Here are the benefits you can reap—

  • It boosts heart health

Blood is pumped by a healthy heart throughout our body to provide oxygen for muscles and other organs. Decline of testosterone levels may lead to numerous cardiovascular problems.

Can testosterone boost help to cure heart disease? Some studies, in early 2000, found that testosterone therapy did little to help men suffering from heart disease. Some people could, however, improve their speed of walking by 33%.

An 83,000-man more extensive study found that males with lower testosterone levels returning to normal did not stand much risk of suffering from a heart attack and were also less likely to get a stroke.

  • Your muscle mass increases

Testosterone increases muscle mass. Higher body weight can help you lose weight and boost your energy. A number of studies have shown that testosterone therapy can decline fat mass and grow muscle size in men who are low in testosterone. Some men saw a decrease in body weight but without increasing strength. But combining testosterone therapy with strength exercises or training can help reap the most benefits.

  • Your bones get stronger

It is vital to understand the role of testosterone in “bone mineral density.” As we age, our bone density diminishes, and our levels of testosterone also drop. It increases your risk of developing osteoporosis or weak bones. Strong bones are good for muscles as well as internal organs. They also help you perform better in sports.

If the dose is adequate, testosterone treatment can increase bone density. Clinical trials have confirmed the influence of testosterone in increasing bone density. A study, which was done on women who were going to transition to men, showed that testosterone improved bone density. It is, however, undetermined if testosterone can reduce the risk of fractures.

  • Cognitive abilities improve

Research has shown that Alzheimer's incidence is lower in people who have higher levels of total testosterone. There is also proof to support a strong connection between thinking abilities like memory and testosterone levels. Men aged 34-70 years have been shown to benefit from testosterone treatments for spatial memory.

  • Improved libido

Naturally, testosterone levels increase when there is sexual activity or arousal. Higher testosterone levels correlate with increased sexual activity in men. Higher testosterone levels are also required for better erectile and libido function in older men. Take note of that erectile problems can be caused not only by low testosterone but also by other medical conditions.

Testosterone therapy is proven to improve sexual performance as well as your overall health. There is a limit to how much testosterone you can use before your response increases. A man who isn't suffering from hypogonadism might not be able to increase his libido through increasing testosterone levels.

  • The mood improves

Low testosterone levels can lead to a lower quality of life. Low levels can lead to depression, fatigue, as well as irritability. However, some research studies suggest that this is only true for hypogonadism. The normal decline of testosterone in men overtime does not lead to an increase in depression.

  • Lower levels of testosterone might affect the quality of your skin and hair

Testosterone stimulates hair growth in men as they age, from childhood to adulthood. You may find hair growing on your chest, arms and legs.

A decreased testosterone level can lead to some side effects for men, including the possibility of losing hair and getting skin problems. Some side effects of testosterone replacement therapy can also be experienced, including breast enlargement and acne. Testosterone patches may cause minor skin irritation. Topical gels are good, but it's important to ensure that testosterone is not transferred to another individual through skin-to-skin contact. The best way to get testosterone is through oral boosters like testosterone pills for men.

  • The central nervous system

There is a system in the body to regulate the levels of this hormone. It sends signals with the help of chemicals and hormones which get released in the blood. The hypothalamus present inside the brain lets the pituitary gland know the levels of testosterone needed, and then the pituitary transmits this info to the testicles.

Testosterone can influence characters like dominance and aggression. It can increase self-esteem and stimulate competition. Testosterone levels can be affected due to sexual activity. Even activities involving a sense of competition can cause testosterone in your body to increase/ decrease. Low testosterone can lead to a lacklustre attitude and low self-confidence. Low testosterone levels can cause sleep disturbances, energy loss and depression.

It is important to keep in mind that testosterone by itself cannot influence personality traits. Many environmental and biological factors can have an impact on personality traits.

There are many factors that can affect the success of testosterone replacement therapy. Hypogonadism sufferers improved their mood, well-being and decreased fatigue. This treatment could also be effective in treating depression, according to research.

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