What does it mean to be heavy metals-free?

What does it mean to be heavy metals-free?

What makes you think your body might be heavy metals free at this point?

Moment of truth- if you are alive and are reading this, there is a high likelihood that your body already has some levels of toxic heavy metals. Today, it is quite unavoidable as heavy metals seem to stalk you everywhere like that one annoying relative of yours. Be it in your food or environment. What you can do though, is to be aware of them and consciously find ways to detox your body. There is a lot more to know about heavy metals than it being a simple label of “heavy metals-free” on the things you consume.

“Farm to table” isn’t always healthy.

  • As you have proudly been  getting the farm fresh greens, Thallium has been playing peek-a-boo with you hiding in one of the world’s trendiest vegetables: Kale.
  • As kale demands and consumption has skyrocketed over the last decade, so has Thallium exposure.
  • A 2006 peer reviewed paper by Czech researchers confirmed this to be true that Kale is exceptionally good at taking up Thallium from the soil.
  • A 2015 Chinese research found that green cabbage could be used  to purify the soil of Thallium. The cabbage soaked up all the Thallium in the soil, leaving the soil toxin-free.

You might want to think twice before sipping on that green smoothie or devouring a salad made with conventionally grown cabbage.

Why natural ways of completing your body’s nutrient requirement remains merely an idea now.

  • The soil that grows our vegetables and fruits has been losing its nutrient rich qualities.
  • Soil depletion is one of the main reasons why vegetables and fruits grown a decade ago were much richer in minerals and vitamins than today.
  • Sewage sludge from the cities is contaminated with high amounts of heavy metals.
  • Companies controlling waste disposal usually mix the sludge into fertilizers until it is diluted enough.
  • This metal sludge is then spread into the fields used to grow our food.
  • The food you consume takes it up and so do your cells.

That’s a whole cycle of why consuming food in the most natural ways still has you feeling “not so great”

Your body has these heavy metals already.

  • Mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium are the most toxic metals present in our environment.
  • Essential nutrients like copper, iron, chromium, and zinc, when consumed at high levels can be toxic in the healthy functioning of your cells.
  • When these heavy metals enter our body they cause a dramatic increase in oxidative stress. 
  • This has a direct effect on cellular function that leads to premature aging and decline.

If you are young and healthy, you might not feel the effects of these heavy metals yet. Although, don’t underestimate the impact they might have on you in subtle ways as you age.

Heavy metals detoxification

  • Glutathione is particularly helpful in its effort at keeping mercury from entering the cells in the first place.
  • Low levels of Vitamin-C are associated with low levels of Glutathione.
  • Vitamin C by itself can help your body detox from lead.
  • Alpha-Lipoic-Acid (ALA) can cross the blood-brain barrier to protect the membranes of neurons from heavy metal damage.
  • Chinese medicine healers, Ayurvedic practitioners, and Western medicine doctors have been using Activated Charcoal  for more than ten thousand years. It is a great way to help your body detox from heavy metals.
  • Sweating it out is your body’s natural way of detoxing. It helps you get rid of heavy metals, foreign compounds like plastics and petrochemicals in small but significant amounts.
  • You can do this by opting for infrared saunas or the good old way of exercising.
  • Exercising increases lipolysis, which releases heavy metals stored in your fat tissue.

You must hold pride in knowing every detail about what you consume and the environments you expose your body to. Living consciously can help you heal in the long run without having to go through tons of needles and discomfort. 

We at BBETTER understand how crucial it is for you to be as away from heavy metals as possible and this is our attempt at bringing that awareness to you. 

Let’s make sure our bodies get royal protection every single day!