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Liver health is often neglected and goes unnoticed. Although, it should be an important aspect and get the exact attention your heart health or gut health receives. When it comes to liver health, simply focusing on a few “don’ts” can do a lot for you, but you might as well want to consider the “dos” for your better liver health.

Lifestyle Factors & Liver Health

  • Liver health is usually affected by the kind of lifestyle choices you make for a prolonged period.
  • Yes, everyone wants to maintain a fun social life, although the alcohol intake needs to be turned down a notch.
  • Limiting alcohol gradually could work, but smoking is something one needs to stop right away, as it also affects your liver health.
  • Maintaining healthy body weight isn’t just for aesthetics but in fact, can prevent you from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
  • Regular physical activity is a must for every individual. Apart from the basic goal of losing or gaining weight, it is crucial to ensure better organ health.

Milk Thistle & Liver Health.

  • Milk Thistle helps ease inflammation & promote cell repair.
  • It helps lower the symptoms of liver diseases like jaundice, liver cancer, & fatty liver disease.
  • Milk thistle is a therapeutic herb that helps detoxify by improving liver function.
  • BBETTER Milk Thistle is enriched with Dandelion extract, & vitamin E for your optimal benefit.

Neem & Liver Health. .

  • Neem has highly antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Its antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties help fight oxidative stress, which promotes liver & kidney health.
  • BBETTER Neem comes in easy to consume tablet format, that helps you ensure regular consumption.

These are some nutrients that might not be a part of your regular nutrition. So, supplementation helps and goes a long way for your liver health. Your liver would thank you in the long run for paying some attention to it.